Stay With Us During Your Fishing Charter Trip

When you think of the ideal corporate fishing charter trip, images of fish start swimming through your head. And sure, fish play the most important part of your fishing charter trip, which is good, since here in Lafitte, LA we have the absolute best Redfish and Speckled Trout fishing spots on the planet. But fish aren't the only important aspects of your charter fishing trip to Louisiana. If you're planning to stay here in Lafitte for more than just a few hours, you'll need a place to lay your head in between your adventures on the water. That's why it's extremely important, when considering where to go for your corporate fishing charter trips, to choose a company that offers you the best in lodging.

The best in bayou lodging with Get the Net Charters

Here at Get the Net Charters in Lafitte, LA, we see a large number of fishermen (and fisherwomen) come through our parts. Families, bachelor and bachelorette parties, friend getaways and corporate fishing trips are all typical groups we see throughout the year. Regardless of why you're choosing to go on a fishing charter trip, we know how important your comfort is, which is why we're so excited to offer you our Peli-Camp houseboat facilities.

When deciding how best to offer lodging for our guests, we considered a number of things, including:

  • Comfort - The lodging had to be comfortable, of course.
  • Convenient - It shouldn't be a hassle for you to get to and from your fishing expeditions. We wanted to make sure the journey to your lodging was as easy as it could be.
  • Authenticity - You could chose any number of places to spend time, including some exotic beach, a mountaintop, or a city. You choose the bayou for a reason, and we didn't want to stray away from that reason. We wanted to offer a type of lodging that would help you really take in the world around you.
  • One with nature - In line with authenticity, we didn't want to keep our guests in a motel or hotel that robbed them from their connection to nature.

When we considered all of these factors, it was clear to us what we had to do: offer our guests an opportunity to lay their heads in a houseboat.

What makes our Peli-Camp houseboats so special?

At Get the Net Charters, we have one goal in mind: to make your fishing charter trip the best it could possibly be. Here in Lafitte, LA, we take our fishing seriously ... as serious as we take our hospitality. Nowhere is that more obvious than with our Peli-Camp houseboats. You'll feel like a true Louisianan fisherman when you spend all day on the water, then rest your head on your bed, which is exactly what we were hoping to accomplish.

In addition to offering our guests the best in fishing charter lodging, we also offer an all-inclusive package that features food, lodging and fishing all in one. That means a full day of fishing, overnight accommodations, home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, fuel and drinks for your fishing trip, bait, tackle and fishing cleaning and packing.

Want to find out more about our corporate fishing charter trips and lodging? Contact Get the Net Charters today to learn how we can help you experience bayou fishing in Lafitte, LA like never before.

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