Lafitte is known for its incredible salt water fishing opportunities, but as part of Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise, it is certainly not lacking in freshwater fishing or hunting options.

*We are pleased to announce the addition of Peli-Camp house-boat lodging. Click Here for more information.
aluminum boat rentals

Aluminum Boat

Price: $250 per day plus gas
Capacity: 6

This boat is great for smooth riding and touring the beautiful bayous and canals.

Pro-Drive Single

Price: $200 per day plus gas
Capacity: 2

This single engine mud boat is a powerful boat perfect for gliding through the marshes during your time on the water.

camper boat rentals

Camper Boat

Price: $325 per day plus gas (Generator available for $50 per day)
Capacity: 6

This is the perfect option for multiple day fishing trips or perfect for staying overnight at hunting sites.

Pro-Drive Double

Price: $250 per day plus gas
Capacity: 5

This dual engine mud boat can zip through the muddy swamps to get to your desired hunting/fishing destinations.