The Best Inland Salt Water Fishing Charters Experience

On your search for the best possible fishing charters experience for your outing or getaway, the most important component of the entire experience is, of course, the fish. Sure, it's important that you have proper and comfortable lodging, and the right kind of fishing charters guide, equipment and more. But all of that would be essentially pointless unless you have the fish.

When choosing your own fishing charters outing, be on the lookout for charters that promise you the absolute best prospects for the actual fishing experience. Here in Lafitte, LA, we're blessed to be a smack-dab in the middle of Mother Nature's playground, where people from across the globe flock to for the best in hunting and fishing.

And, when it comes to fishing, no one can beat what we have to offer for your inland salt water fishing experience.

Come face to face with our inland salt water fish

As part of our fishing charters package, we make sure that you come face to face with our inland salt water fish, in particular the redfish and the speckled trout.

  • Redfish Fishing Charter in Louisiana - Redfish are abound in this neck of the woods. They spend much of their time in the marsh and coastal waters surrounding Lafitte, and our fishing charters captains know the best times and locations to find them at their most abundant. The various redfish you'll come in contact with on one of our fishing charters expeditions include Rat reds, juvenile redfish and the bull red, which can grow up to 40 pounds. We consider redfish to be one of the least challenging fish to catch in our marsh waters. Our charter experts will give you everything you need to come away with your fair share of redfish.
  • Speckled Trout Fishing Charter in Louisiana - It's hard to argue with the belief that Louisiana is home to the finest speckled trout fishing, so much so that many of our guests walk away with more than 10 catches in a single outing. The expertise of our fishing charters captains can all but ensure that you'll come away with at least one impressive catch, if not a handful. One of the ways we increase your chances of a big catch is by tailoring our fishing expeditions based on the habits and activity of the speckled trout.

Get the right tools and expertise from fishing charters experts in Louisiana

Depending on which fish you're catching, and where you set up your fishing, you'll need the right tools to get the job done. At Get the Net Charters, we offer a complete fishing charters package to our guests, including:

  • Boat rentals
  • Lodging
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Airport pickup if requested
  • Bait and tackle
  • Fish cleaning and packing
  • Beverages for your outing

Our mission is to not only make you feel at home and comfortable while here in Lafitte, but also to put you in position to walk away with more fish than you know what to do with. Combine the natural richness of our surroundings, with the expertise of our fishing charters staff, led by Captain Nick, and you'll quickly discover why Get the Net Charters, and Lafitte, LA, are your answer to the best inland salt water fishing experience of a lifetime.

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