Tour the Louisiana Swamps in Our Hovercraft

Few places in the entire country have the type of unique and pristine natural surroundings as Louisiana does. Our swamps are home to some of the world's most prestigious creatures, including the American alligator, herons, egrets, ibis, bullfrogs and more. Beyond their obvious beauty, our swamplands are a vital part of our ecosystem. You have the opportunity to take in the beauty and wonder of Louisiana's swamps in the calm and smooth ride of a hovercraft.

Hovercraft through our Louisiana swamps

In our experience, there are many types of people and groups who flock to our hovercrafts as the perfect way to take in the wonder of the swamplands. These include:

  • Families - Despite the type of animals that can be seen during your tour, a hovercraft swamp tour in Louisiana is perfectly family friendly. Our guide experts will help you navigate through the swamps safely so that you never have to fear for your children. Children will be mesmerized by the close encounters they'll have with animals they've likely only seen on TV.
  • Corporate Charters - We get a lot of corporate charter fishing groups down here. These groups spend the afternoon (and more) fishing and hunting. However, most of these groups also choose to take a hovercraft tour of the swamps. This gives them the opportunity to sit back and relax, and simply take in their surroundings.

Why a hovercraft?

Why is it that when you navigate through a swamp, the ideal mode of transportation is a hovercraft? That's because they can fly smoothly over the unique thickness, slickness and substance of a swamp. Boats simply couldn't make it to many parts of a swamp that a hovercraft can. This allows us to take you to hard-to-reach areas, increasing the likelihood of your seeing an animal that will take your breath away.

Hovercrafts are also safer than boats (not to mention far more fuel efficient). When first responders are on a call, they use hovercrafts because these crafts keep them out of danger (roughly 9 inches above the surface), rather than in it.

One of the most attractive features of a hovercraft - particularly in the fragile swamplands of Louisiana - is that they do not hurt the environment. Hovercrafts are, in fact, one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the world. Take this as an example: humans exert 3 lbs of pressure - per square inch, when standing, and up to 25 lbs per square inch when walking. The average hovercraft, however, exerts a pressure of only .33 lbs per square inch. That pressure decreases as speed increases.

This is important in our swamplands, because as much as we love to share this world with our visitors, we also don't want to harm the fragile ecosystem. When you choose to tour Louisiana swamps on a hovercraft, you're doing your part to ensure that these swamplands will remain intact for many years to come.

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