Winter Fishing for Redfish in Louisiana

When the thermometer begins to dip, and sunny days give way to grayness and cold, fishermen across the country start hunkering down for a few off-season months.

But they don't have to. Down here in Louisiana, there is no off-season for fishermen, particularly along the fabled inshore of Lafitte (just outside of New Orleans). Here, the natural habitat is the perfect breeding ground for redfish. One day spent on our waters will have you wondering what took you so long to head to Lafitte to get your fishing fix during months when so many others hang up their rods and reels.

What to know about redfish fishing during the winter

Because of the Delta's pristine habitat, redfish are amazingly abundant during the winter. Even in the middle of January or February, 100-fish days are pretty common.

The biggest challenge fishermen will experience during our winter fishing is staying on top of where the fish are at any given time. Redfish will naturally flock toward overwintering areas, which is often found in the open waters of the bays, into the canals and tributaries. In fact, redfish like to go into these canals because they offer deeper waters, particularly at the end where petroleum boats make their turns.

That's why Get the Net Charters is such a popular destination for folks looking for a successful winter fishing trip. Captain Nick and his crew spend much of their time on the water and rely on both instinct and experience to help avid fishermen keep up with the movements of the redfish between winter hideaways.

This type of resource is invaluable and will help you save time when it comes to making the most out of your fishing trip. But working with Get the Net Charters will do more than lead you to an abundance of redfish. By booking your winter charter trip with us, you'll also get:

  • Rod and reels
  • Tackle
  • Fish cleaning and packing
  • Bait
  • Fuel
  • Soft drinks

If you plan on staying for more than a day, we can also arrange for overnight accommodations (including having you stay at our famed Peli-Camp house-boat lodging), home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and airport pickup and drop-off.

From New Orleans to Lafitte, Only Get the Net Charters Offers the Full Redfish Winter Fishing Experience

When it comes to booking your winter fishing trip, there are a few things to consider:

  • The abundance of fish in a given location
  • The type of support and expertise offered by the 'locals' and fishing experts
  • Lodging accommodations

It's no wonder, then, that Lafitte continues to be the most coveted region in the South for winter fishing. The Bayou's expansive marshes are home to a staggering variety of animals and wildlife, and redfish is no exception. Come see how Captain Nick and his crew can help you walk away from your day on the water with more fish than you'd ever expect to get anytime of the year - let alone winter.

Contact Get the Net Charters today!

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